Denture Repairs

R. Entwistle has been established since 1978 and has a wealth of experience in producing high quality denture repairs for clients in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Dentures can become damaged when teeth are being inserted. Dentures can break from everyday wear and tear. If you require denture repair, always make sure you contact your dental technician as soon as possible so that no further damage can occur from using broken dentures.

Taking care of dentures can reduce the risk of breakage. Always store your dentures in a hygienic unit when not in use.

R. Entwistle can replace missing or broken teeth. Never try to fix your dentures yourself as this can result in mouth ulcers or infection.

Denture repairs should only be carried out by a professional.

Dental Laboratory

With almost 40 years working as a dental technician, R. Entwistlle is respected in the dental industry and offers a cost effective solution for all types of denture manufacture.

All products are manufactured in-house within a clean and professional environment. One to one contact is available direct with Mr R. Entwistle.

All laboratory procedures and commercial client requests are treated with the strictest of confidence.